1. Sustainable Livelihood through Goat programme.

The Programme has been implemented in 15 villages of Hirekerur taluk since 2009-10, with support of Deshpande Foundation, Hubli. Over 1 crore  credit linked through HDFC Bank and Line Department support.  Daily 2000 liter milk market is going on competitive price.

  • Organizing target group beneficiaries with special priority to women.
  • Integrated dairy, goat management and breeding improvement.
  • Providing Para veterinary Services.
  • Organized vaccination camp, fodder development, insurance and market linkages.
  • Linkages with banks, line Departments.
  • Facilitated Micro Finance.

2. Empowerment of Vulnerable Families & Improving Livelihood Opportunities

The Programme has been implemented in 10 villages of Ranibennur taluk and 4 slum of Ranibennur town since 2012-13 with support of Andheri Trust. 19 labourers group, 05 GP level Union, District Union,  65 Women SHGs and their 7 federation functioning actively in the project area.

  1. Formation of Labourers group, Union at GP and District level to act on effective implementation of MGNREGA, which include issue of job card, access their entitlement, advocacy and lobby.
  2. Formation of SHGs, Federation to start sustainable livelihood and pressure group on effective implementation of PDS and ICDS programme.
  3. Facilitate to conduct social audit, use of RTI, media campaign, network with similar right based group.

3. Women Empowerment Porgramme

Women empowerment project initiated at Hanumapura cluster villages of Ranibennur taluk since 2011, with support of Concern India Foundation, Bangalore.  Similar project   (2005-2010), has been successfully completed   in selected villages of Byadagi and Ranibennur taluk with support of same donor.

  •  Improvement of Socio – Economic Status of the women
  • Raising women’s voice against exploitation and injustice
  • Bringing gender equality, equal power in decision making, Property Rights (Individual and Common)
  • Food Security and stopping migration
  • Promotion of girl child education,
  • Building strong women network at cluster and taluk level.

4. NABARD Supported Rural Development Projects:

NABARD regional Office, Bangalore extended support to VRDS in implementation of different projects in Ranibennur taluk, which includes

  • MEDP skill development on Tailoring, Readymade Garment, Abarabatti stick making conducted to women SHGs group.
  • SEDP skill development programme on Jardoshi Kasuthi and Computer skill training imparted to women.
  • Village Development Plan facilitated in two Grama Panchyath and the people action road map integrated with RDPR, JSYS, Watershed, Agriculture and Bankers.
  • SHGs capacity development training programme organised over 500 groups in Haveri district.
  • SHG formation and Bank Linkage programme organised and promoted over 500 SHG groups.
  • Farmers club formed and organised education tour under NABARD CAT programme.
  • Conducted financial inclusion survey in Haveri District.

5. Vanasiri Vividoddeshagala Sahakari Niyamita Multipurpose Co-Operative Society (VVSSN) : VRDS established VVSSN by involving project beneficiaries. It was started with a share capital of 300 members from 60 villages. Induction of healthy goats, society is directly paying insurance to effected family. Society taking care by  extending Para Vet service at the door step, fodder, feed, insurance claim, marketing, organizing preventive vaccination camps, linkages with Rural Veterinary Dispensary etc.,

As on date VVSSN extended credit facilities of Rs.42.10 lakhs.  Thanks to following banks/ financial institute for extending easy credit facilities to co-operative.

Sl. No Source of Fund No. of families. Amount No. of Goats No. of Sheep No. of Breeds Total
1 VRDS/ DF 117 825000 89 74 10 173
2 VVSSN  75 665000 68 74 1 143
3 NABFIN  52 710000 55 87 142
4 ICICI Bank 9 88000 9 14 23
5 Microgram 159 1750000 420 378 9 807
6 SHG Internal Loan  22 172000 19 15 34
Grand Total 444 4210000 660 642 20 1322

VVSSN  transaction now crossed from initial share of  Rs.31.5 lakhs to 1.98 Crores,  Cooperative   Society earned Rs 6.00 lakhs profit from sale of  medicines, commission and incentives from NABARD Financial service limited  and loan interest, insurance , service charges to the SHG’s . This is one of the impacts of our effective implementation with clear vision and hand holding support of the programme.