Implementation of Empower the Girl Child Education Programme in Haveri District


Implementation of  Empower the Girl Child Education Programme in Haveri District

           Brief Report from April to August -2018

VRDS identified and finalised  target  villages, hamlets  and urban slums of   Haveri district for the above project implementation.   The process was done through field visit, extensive discussion with the students, parents, school head masters, teachers and our staff.  Further house visit were made and access the socio-economic condition of the village / area.

Selection process village/hamlet/area were  finalised and selected  Girl child from BPL families of  following places.

 Girl child Selected from Different locations of Haveri
S No.
No of children selected
Ranebennur    Urban Slum
Budapanahalli, Byadagi taluk
Hanumapura, Ranibennur taluk
Hanumapura tanda, Ranibennur taluk
Hosahonnatti, Ranibennur taluk,
Gudi honnattiRanibennur taluk


Approached concerned Schools, had discussion with  School Head Master/s and class Teachers.  Through this process we  understand the present problems, education standard of the children and family condition of the girl students.  From school record we collected  academic standards of the each student  and discussed the  critical problems for continuation of  girl student education. Through this process we  collected the list of  35 girl student from the different schools of the project area. Ø After getting  the list  we went to verify the  family conditions of the girl child.   We assessed actual condition of the family, source of income to the family, support required for the girl child education.

Organised the children and parents meeting.  Open house  discussion and  interaction were held in the presence and active participation of children and parents and assessed  the  family issues, problems, social practices, poverty which are faced  for continuation and quality education of the  Girl student  Education.  We also discussed and understand the present facilities provided by the State Government in order to achieve strengthen Education programme in the area.   Apart from this what requirement is expected by  the parents and children were also discussed  in the  meeting

After the above discussion a team formed (consisting of   Projector Supervisor, field staff and village volunteers), they went to each family and assessed the real situation.  During the course real poor family were found and finalised eligible   25 Girl students as programme beneficiary.

Required  Education materials were listed, which includes  school bag, compass, pencil, water bottle, note book, dictionary, white sheet, colour pencil, pens, atlas, drawing sheet, pad, white dress, white shoes, socks etc

Procured all the materials in 25 sets,  distribution were held on 14.06.2018 and on the same day formal  Education Programme for the academic year 2018-19  were launched.  In this function  Block Education Officer (BDO), Child Development Programme Officer (CDPO), District President of  Women and Child Welfare Committee,  Advocate, public, students and parents were  participated.  The event were covered extensively in media.

Planned and visited regularly to each  individual family and extended follow-up support and created conducive atmosphere for school education programme.

VRDS identified   new Teachers to teach  Maths and Science subjects.  We found that children required additional support to learn these subjects.  Special tuition classes are required to learn on the difficult subjects.

A special bridge course organised on every Sunday, subject expert teachers on English,   Grammar, Science and mathematics were taught, and Student got more interest to increase their ability and quality learning.  The parents of the children are also got interest, they are sending their children to special classes on regularly.  The bridge course is also facilitated to solve difficulties in learning, this was started just two week back.

We expressing our great thanks to Concern India Foundation and GlobleGiving for extending this support and giving opportunity for improving quality education for the girl student  of the Haveri district.

S.D. Baligar, Executive Director.

Photographs of the event

Student sharing during the remedial classes

Group snap of students with parents after the project inauguration

Program Inauguration event at Ranebennur